PyFactory !!

Smart ERP, Productivity enhancement application for manufacturing

Introduction to Pyfactory

Pyfactory is cloud platform build for manufacturing , it provides the most easiest and hassle free way of collecting and recording data from your operators, machines and every other nook and corners you can think off in your business. It provides you live and real time data to help you make data driven decision, every time, every day. It comes with a dashboard to owner, mangers and operators filled with rich data turned into infographic , interactive, cool chats and graphs, and notification that matters to them every day.

Pyfactory is much more than an ERP. Highly scalable and customisable modules ranging from costing module to job/project tracker module. Various apps lets you monitor live status of your jobcards/projects. Pyfactory can be used in wide range of manufacturing industries, from project based to intense production driven. Beautifully designed authentication lets users see only what they need, rather than astronomically huge software. Making it easy for user to use it and understand without having to go through any training.

Getting Started

Are you tired of wanting to use ERP/SAP? And have not found one that suits you? Or Do you use a complex, ugly and unproductive ERP and looking for specific solution.

Here We Are!!!

“We believe that mere observation of data can lead to an invention,
we believe in power of data science.”

Pyfactory, comes with highly flexible module as below or you can request to build
exclusive module for your requirements.

Job card/Project Tacker:

Create job-card/projects , get notified for pending/critical jobs. Status monitoring like “Completed”, “Pending”, “WIP” or any other custom status flags and progress tracking. One can choose to see real time parameters like “quantity produced” , “machine time”, “lead time”, “current process” for sequential jobs on click of an button.


Create store master, categories. Material issuing and In-warding. Low running stock notification and auto PO mailing to vendor. QR code scanners.


Exclusively built costing templates let you calculate cost involved in executing projects within no time and with minimum input from client. Track live cost incurred in production. Notifications, if incurred cost overshoots estimated.

Production reporting:

Production module is heart of our data capturing system.Operator or machine themselves can log start time , end time or quantity produced using their logins through the web, QR code scanning, or sensors (like load sensors, proximity sensors etc for machines). This module is built for collecting data with efficiency and accuracy using custom data validation algorithms.

Production planning:

Production planning powered with interactive calendar lets you easily schedule production. See machine utilisation and availability on the go, with powerful infographics.


Create vendor profile. Send custom messages to vendor. Custom vendor rating and various information tracking like (Total amount paid, Total amount due etc)


Customer module can be fully loaded CRM or just as much as you need. You can set custom delivery emails or share job card status if required.