PyFactory !!

Smart ERP, Productivity enhancement application for manufacturing

Production process monitor, Stores management and Job tracker (Case Study).


Rajhans is one of the largest and the best printing firms in India.Rajhans enterprises currently prints 45 monthly titles, six weekly titles and a raft of newspapers and mono cartons. Rajhans has become the first to have in place, the majority of print technology be it Offset, Web-offset, Gravure, Wide web Flexography (C.I.Flexo), Narrow Web Flexography and U.V.Offset.


One of the brand new commissioned state of art, flexible printing and packing plant located in Bidadi industrial area, needed a remote tool for management to oversee, control and tack: production, wastage and raw material from head office in Bangalore. Jobcard were created at head office and issued to the plants. These job cards are executed at the Bidadi plant. Production data was logged into registries and log books by operator, which was highly incomprehensible. Management needed a real time status at every point of time and know progress of each job card to keep the clients updated. It was time consuming for operator and production mangers to compile production report for management.

In flexible packing and printing industry most of the profit margins depend upon the wastage control. Client agrees to bare certain amount of wastage, keeping production wastage within the agreed limit was big challenge.
Since purchase department is located in Bangalore, they had hard time in maintaining and ordering new stock. They required real time status and data from production plant.

Keeping track on stock level was major challenge.

Huge combination of parameters make a job-spec, for repetitive jobs it was unwanted time-consuming task to create job cards for production. There was serious need for creating job-spec library with respect to clients.


Job-card and Production

Pyfactory, being a cloud platform made it easy to solve above solutions with unique way and automating the whole process of passing on information to each person in production and management levels. Job-card module equipped with custom costing template gave them a clear estimation of cost involved in production. The huge number of combination of input data entry from clients is turned into interactive and the quickest way for creating job-card. Job-card algorithm reads the job-spec data input and assigns sequence of production for the job-card.

Once the job card is created and issued, it starts appearing on the dashboard of operators of only those processes, which belonging to the sequence though which the job card progresses. Notifying them with new job-cards every day.

Operator use tablet stationed at various places in production floor. Every operator has his own login credential. For given process operator inputs roll from stores or from previous process and logs output roll weight at each process, output rolls number are automatically generated by the system and are passed on to next process for inputting. Operator also logs machine down time and change over time with highly intuitive interface. System calculates over all wastage in each process of sequence from out put and input weight logged by operators. At the end of the sequence dispatch department logs all the rolls or pouches ready for delivery.


Stores give master list of raw material, substrates and other stock. Stores admin at plant issues materials for production and inward material from head office. This makes it record real time status and opening stocks. When ever any stock goes below the minimum stock level it notifies admin for reordering of respective material. Admin can also set auto email for vendor to be notified.
While admin creates job-cards at head office, he gets notified if the material required is available for executing the job. If any of the materials are running low in stock admin can notify for purchase.


This complete automation and digitalisation of the process resulted in astoundingly powerful cockpit for management. Providing look through both overview and in detailed real time status of the production plant.

Now it required, no time for management to attend client calls and update them about production status on the go. Job card module provides progress bar indicating percentage of completion of job

Now management can see real time production quantity of each process in the sequence.

Real time wastage report gives extra control over the process and help them in maintaining profit margins.

In detail report for each process would capture roll weight, wastage, reason for wastage and operator name.

Next step

Successful implementation of above is leading towards further steps of automation using IoT. The data will be captured through QR codes and load cell integrated with the platform. Polymer roll as input to an process comes with QR code encoded with weight, roll-no. and other information from previous process or stores. Out put roll of an process goes out with QR code encoded with roll detail and weight captured by load-cell integrated with cloud platform.